Richet, Charles, ed. 1895-1928. Dictionnaire de physiologie. 10 Vols. Paris: Alcan.

Note: The Dictionnaire has not been completed, the last volume no. 10 ends with the letters 'MO'.

Artères (by Lambert, M.)
Arécaïne - see Arécoline (by Richet, Charles)
Arécoline (by Richet, Charles)
Asepsie - see Antisepsie et Asepsie (by Trouessart, E.)
Asparagine (by Fredericq, Léon)
Asphyxie (by Richet, Charles)
Aspidospermine (by Livon, Ch.)
Assimilation (by Henrijean, F. et Corin, G.)
Asthme (by Triboulet, H.)
Astigmatisme (by Nuel)
Atavisme (by Varigny, Henry de)
Ataxie (by Thomas)
Athrophie (by Morat, J. P.)
Athétose (by Francotte, X.)
Atropine (by Nuel)
Attention (by Janet, Pierre)
Atténuation (by Charrin)
Audition (by Gellé)
Auscultation (by Triboulet, H.)
Automatisme (by Richet, Charles)
Autotomie (by Fredericq, Léon)
Azotates (by Richet, Charles)
Azote (by Richet, Charles)
Azotites (by Lambling, E.)
Aèrotonomètre (by Fredericq, Léon)
Baer (Karl Ernst von) (by Retterer, Ed.)
Bains - see Chaleur III. Action de la chaleur sur les êtres vicants (by Athanasiu, J. et Carvallo, J.)
Ballement (by Richet, Charles)
Baryum (by Chassevant, A.)
Basiques (Milieux) (by Richet, Charles)
Batraciens (by Catherine Schépiloff)